Overview Of Green Cooler Fit

A-1 Service Co. is currently the only authorized Green Cooler Fit air filtering systems installer. The NASA and National Labs assisted air filtering system that conserves water and energy, while providing cleaner healthier air in the home or workplace that use swamp coolers.

The goal of (the NASA and National Lab assisted) Green Cooler Fit air filtering system is to make the swamp cooler more efficient and eco-friendly by conserving hundreds and in some cases thousands of gallons of water, conserve energy, and provide cleaner healthier air in a comfortable environment, while saving the user money, helping pay for the retrofit priced as low as $250.00.

Studies made on the consumption of water by the swamp cooler during the cooling season. range from 3000 to 5700 gallons of water depending on the size of cooler. We believe the green cooler fit can reduce that consumption. 


Preparing For Summer

Green Cooler Fit is an air filter that is retro-fitted on each side of the fan blower assembly.  This patent pending filtering system filters the air before going into the house providing healthier air in the home, or workplace. 


Preparing For Winterization

With this retro-fit, we can also efficiently and safely prepare and shut down your evaporative cooler for the winter. Our service will help you conserve the heat used in your home and keep it from escaping into the atmosphere by placing the filters in a concealed plastic cover and properly re-attaching them to the unit. This, in turn will help keep your heating bill down.